Back in the early days of 2020, I jotted down 30 predictions for what we’d see at Eurovision in the subsequent decade. Naturally, I didn’t predict a global pandemic cancelling the Contest for the first time in it’s history. After that stumble though, we do now have a couple of Contests under our belts so it feels like the right to revisit these prophecies.

Well that’s not a bad start, eh? I mean both of these were pretty obvious but for Italy to do it at the first time of asking is darn good. As for the second one, the Italians need only go top ten three more times in the next seven Contests to come good. Just call me Rosstradamus!

Well…I’m not quite so sure of this anymore. Perhaps in a post-Bjorkman era Melfest has a winner in there somewhere. I would’ve been more than happy for a certain Ms. Jakobs to have proved me wrong.

I’m really not sure of either of these anymore. Of that top list, only Malta have come even kind of close in the last two years. Seven more Contests could still produce two more debut winners but I’m not feeling it. The second one doesn’t seem probable at the moment but if the cheating six all decide to walk away we may yet need to bump up the numbers.


Halfway there on number seven but struggle to see it fully coming to fruition. Even as the country was on the brink of war Ukraine produced a high-quality Vidbir, a national final that anyone would be proud of. So yeah, they’re probably making every final they try to reach. As for the AQs other than Italy, that’s on a shoogly peg. France, Spain and even the UK have come close. Any of them could do the unthinkable. Germany is also there.

One down, one to go. It can only be a matter of time. Be it as an interval act or as a competitor. She’ll be back.

As the audience for the Contest skews ever younger the BBC would be foolish not to take the chance to refresh the on screen talent. It may be a case of teaming up to begin with but surely it’s coming.

Done. Twice.

OK, so this was somewhat flippant but given recent news events perhaps a look at voting patterns of some nations might be somewhat pertinent…

So that Hungary one feels a tad optimistic. The other two are spot on thus far.

Yeah, that domination isn’t coming to an end any time soon. If the army of fans Måneskin has couldn’t be mobilised to knock her off her perch then I can’t see that changing.

So we did get a form of online voting in Australia this year, but as far as I’m aware it all went smoothly. Turns out actual people are still much easier to rig.

Still plenty of time for this to come true. However, this has a similar energy to announcing an official travel partner just days after telling much of the fan media that we don’t want you here.

Let’s face it, Belarus are no more for a long old period, and rightly so. That does mean that Daz may find his options limited. Someone really should alert Mr. Sampson to the existence of Una Voce Per San Marino.

Televisual purgatory. The Americans had a whole Contest announced, planned and lukewarmingly received in the time Asiavision has remained stalled. Even Canada’s gonna get their own version quicker.

Unless Spain wins with a record breaking score then no, not everyone around here is going to be happy.

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