On the back of last week’s scenario announcement thousands of Eurofans will have found a little boost to their bank account over the past few days. There are those sensible ones amongst you who’ll put it aside for your tickets next year (FINGERS BLOODY CROSSED!!!) but for those who like to be a bit spend happy with the cash, here’s a few ideas.

Eurovision Song Contest The Board Game

Yeah, I know right? This is still (just about) a thing. If you can track down anywhere that still has it in stock, that is. These Australian lads look like they’re getting some copies in at some point this year. Maybe. If you can get your hands on the game then all the fun and thrills of the Eurovision Song Contest are yours to own at home. “You have rolled a douze points! Congratulations you’re now an honourary San Mariniese and will represent them at the actual Contest!” Still a less dodgy process than 1in360.

Alexander Lemtov Mug

That’s right, what better way to liven up your beverage break by including the true hero of Fire Saga. Over at KazooksCurio’s Etsy shop this fine example of a mug can be your for less than a tenner. There’s plenty of other film merch on Etsy with a lot of Jaja Ding Dong based wares if you’re so inclined. However, for me, you gotta drink from the Lion of Love!

Every Eurovision Result Ever Tea-Towel

Whilst you’re on Etsy you simply have to checkout Totally Flagulous. To be honest, with the range of products Ellie’s got you could quite happily spend all your refund on her marvellous wares. Wonderful world cloud prints, jewellery, and an array of Allora based merch can all be yours. However, the absolute must have is the tea-towel. Every Eurofan’s kitchen must be adorned with at least one of these data-driven drying devices!


That’s right, if you head over to the Abba Museum Shop this mini guitar could be yours for around £30. Originally I did want to recommend the mini microphone trophy but all 200 of those have now sold out. There are 200 Eurofans’ fireplaces that are absolutely on point. However this mini version of Bjorn’s Waterloo winning guitar will do just nicely. If you want to go full on in your tribute to Bjorn his, and the other band members’, signature kimonos are also available for purchase.

Dutch Sweet Box Subscription

Going to Eurovision is about so much more than just the Contest. Literally eating and drinking in the local culture is also a very important of it. So get yourself as many Stroopwaffels as you can, a slab of Grolsch (not Heineken, it’s swill) and a bottle of Jenever as standard. However, why not also treat yourself a Dutch snack box subscription. Over the coming months you can build up enough of a stash to feel just like you’re there, without ever leaving the comfort and safety of your own home.

So, there you have it. All you have to do is buy a board game, a mug, a tea-towel, a mini guitar replica and snack subscription service and you’ll be all set for 22nd May. It’ll be just like being there…kind of.

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