Whether it was a German artist’s journey, a malfunctioning countdown clock, a new social media channel or the Croatian national final Ti(c)k To(ck) was certainly the phrase of the week. There were also further heats, song releases and title confirmations over the last seven days. It was another busy ol’ week for all things Eurovision.

Eurofans trying to keep up with the news from now to mid-March.

One more song has been added to the official entry list for 2021, courtesy of Croatia. Albina Grčić took victory in Dora, winning both jury and televote, with her song Tick Tock. An upbeat pop tune that may not be the stand out of the year but it’s certainly good fun. It gives Croatia a decent chance of making the final for the first time since 2017.

However, the stand out of the night was undoubtedly their 2016 entrant, Nina Kraljić. Although her song and performance were one of the strongest of the night, rightly finishing in the top two, she stood out for another reason. It seemed every time the camera cut to Nina in the green room she was pulling some kind of iconic reaction. Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and let me tell you, if you’ve found someone who’s as close to you as she was to her white wine, you’ve done very well!


The ticking of the clock also played a huge part in the last week as we began the #100DaysToEurovision countdown. The campaign itself seemed largely successful with many sharing images and stories dedicated to their love of the Contest and a brand new official TikTok account.

However, the show piece live stream event…not so much. The dodgy camera angles, the barren car park & obsession with break dancing would all on their own have been weird enough. However, the large display showing “00 Days” for most of stream until someone had to quickly erect the “1” just in time for the big announcement was *chef’s kiss*. The official channel may have hidden the video in the hope we’d never see this broadcast again. It’d be a real shame if someone were to make a GIF of them building the “1” now wouldn’t it…

Another February weekend rolling by means another heat of Melodifestivalen. As with last week it was yet more professional competence that largely left me cold. Though in all fairness Dotter’s Little Tot does seem to be the one to be beat this year. However, as with the first heat it was another Saturday night in which the ‘more experienced’ act stole the show. In a miserable world of lockdowns the sheer joy and humour of Eva Rydberg & Ewa Roos’ Rena rama ding dong is the ideal three minute escapism.

Lastly, in Norway it was the final heat of Melodi Grand Prix. Imerika claimed one of the last spots in this coming Saturday’s grand final. Her performance of I Can’t Escape was simple, but effective and the clear winner of the night in terms of quality. However, if you were looking for something with a bit more of a “what the hell did I just watch” vibe TuVeia’s Bli med meg på gar’n was there for you. Absolute perfect silliness.

Given it was the last heat of MGP, surely the line-up for the final should now be complete? Oooooooh no. Tonight (Monday) will see all 15 acts who initially missed out battling to claim one last final spot. I’m not sure of the format, whether the duels are returning or if it’s a straight 15 into 1 fight. Bit last minute now mind, but if NRK wanted some ideas to spice up this (seemingly needless) process, I suggest the following:

  • Nordic ski jump: Whoever can can land the longest perfect jump makes the final.
  • Takeshi’s Castle: Last one standing makes it to Saturday
  • Let me choose: They farming lads please!
  • Gladiator Pugil stick duels: last act standing wins the day.

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