Serhat turned up like this. Almost like he knew he would be waltzing into top ten with the public.


This incredible woman exists. The whole winners mashup was a superb interval worthy of Love Love Peace Peace. But Eleni’s Dancing Lasha Tumbai was a particular highlight.


Then this sex pirate arrived on the scene…


These Belarusian votes were an entirely fictional mess.

Belarus Vote (2)

The glow up for Macedonia is unreal. Who’d have thought going from ‘Former Yugoslav Republic of’ to ‘North’ could utterly transform their Eurovision chances. Fair play to them, it was fantastic to see.

Macedonia points

But the public vote? Who won the public vote? Well thanks to the daft new voting sequence we didn’t know on the night. We had to find out later but boy was it worth it…

2019 Scoreboard (2)

YES! Keiino actually went and won the bloody televote. Joik-bangers are here to stay! I could not be happier for this delightful trio. Just wish the voting sequence hadn’t denied them their moment. Just look how precious…

And despite all the chat of a really open field the favourite went and won. And we’re all going to Netherlands next year. Purely from a selfish point of view this utterly is divine as you can get there from the UK without getting on a damn plane! All aboard the Euro-ferry!

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