With the start of Eurovision rehearsals now merely days away, we’re more or less ready to go. We’re all well versed with the songs, the stage is built and our hosts have been primed & lacquered. However, given the somewhat unusual circumstances there are still a few loose ends yet to be tied up. So what don’t we know about this year’s show?


Given the ongoing pandemic and the strict restrictions in place down under, it was always going to be sadly inevitable that Montaigne wouldn’t be able to travel. However, at the time of writing we’re still under the apprehension that the other 38 delegations will make it to Rotterdam in person.

Mercifully the live on tape recordings remain in place should the worst case scenario come to pass. We could yet have multiple Zoom screens set up in the green room for interviews and winners celebrating in their front room with the trophy in the post. Just make sure the EBU don’t use Hermes.

Here’s your effing crystal mic!


Admittedly this one is pretty unlikely but when have I ever let the truth get in the way of a fun rumour. Tony Hadley for San Marino anyone? Yes it’s solely based on a Google Maps listing and yes Contest Supervisor Sietse Bakker has strenuously denied it but there’s still a possibility Lady Gaga might show up.

It’s safe to say she’s probably more in keeping with the showbiz vibe of the show than Timberlake and she’s far less likely to give such a bemusingly awful performance as ol’ Madge did. I’m still firmly against the idea of major US stars in the interval but if she duetted with Keiino on Shallow…I could yet be convinced.


Probably the biggest mystery of them all. Will a certain Mr. Rida make it to Rotterdam? Move over Rachel & Ross, this is the biggest cultural will they/won’t they we’ve ever seen. With all manner of restrictions and one delegation already unable to travel his presence in Rotterdam remains in question.

Whilst his attendance may well generate headlines one thing should be made plainly clear, Senhit and Adrenalina are more than good enough on their own to take the Contest by storm. And if he can’t show up…hologram anyone?

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