Right then guys, gals and non-binary pals…this is it. Months of national finals, weeks of pre-parties, seven days of rehearsals and here we are…tomorrow night we start keeping score. No more juries in the semi this year, on Tuesday night we will lose five nations based solely on the televote alone.

So like any other Euroblogger worth their WordPress subscription, it’s time to make some predicitions. Much like a brand of cheddar, this semi is seriously strong. I don’t see myself walking away with my first ten out of ten here, but one can live in hope.

Let’s start off with those Nordic dead certs. Norway’s Alessandra will start the show, not with a bang but also a certified wallop. Bookending the show is Finland’s Käärijä who will ride through to the final on the back of four conjoined pink-clad backing dancers. There’s also someone called Loreen from Sweden who’s likely to make it through. Wishing this particular plucky underdog all the best.

Moving on to those who are probably making it through to the final. By my count I have a list of four who won’t have to looks at flights out on Wednesday. Israel is all over the bloody place but I’m certain this will be popular with the voters at home. On the other hand, Moldova is a slick production both in terms of song and visuals. Pasha is making it through. Serbia will likely divide opinion at home, but those entries always make it through and Czechia should be just as safe.

As for those on the other side of the spectrum I’ve got two songs that don’t stand a chance and two that probably won’t have the support to go through. And I feel bad for saying it because I genuinely like all four songs.

Azerbaijan is far too chill for the Eurovision Song Contest. It’s a great throwback to a lo-fi Britpop album track but a Eurovision qualifier, it is not. Wild Youth’s We Are One is the musical equivalent to Nando’s Lemon & Herb. It will have enough fans, but you need to be at least a medium spice level to take Ireland to the final.

Whilst I do think that Malta and Latvia deserve to go through, both nearing the top of my own personal top picks. However, both historically have difficulties getting sufficient support to make it through to the final and with both running early in such a competitive semi have my fears. If I had to pick one to challenge for the top ten, Malta feels the stronger vote winner.

So that leaves three out of four. We will lose one of Portugal, Switzerland, Croatia or The Netherlands, this is a really tough call.

I can make the argument for every one of these making it and I can make the argument for every one of these falling by the wayside.

  • Portugal: Memorable performance from Mimicat but might not have wide appeal.
  • Switzerland: Exceptional vocal talent with good staging…but a tremendously dull song.
  • Croatia: As marmite a performance as it comes.
  • Netherlands: A duet ballad performed incredibly well but could get lost in the run.

Fresh from seeing the first rehearsal Switzerland’s simple, yet effective, staging elevates the entry. This combined with Remo’s flawless vocal should see the Swiss in the final. The other one I’m edging up The Netherlands. The changes to the arrangement have done the trick. It’s a delicate composition staged in a beautifully simple manner.

Both Portugal and Croatia deserve a place in the final. Easily. This one is a proper flip of a coin stuff. With a jury split I’d say Portugal is going through but with 100% televote it’s Croatia. Just.











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