Right then team, now we’re finally getting to the business end of this showbiz behemoth. Months of selections, weeks of previews and days of rehearsals have passed and as of tonight, we’re keeping score. So, like any good Eurofan worth their salt, it’s time to make my predictions. In all the years writing here I’m yet to hit that full 10/10. Is this year going to be the year?

No. Probably not. But let’s give it a shot anyway.

Right then, let’s kick off with our safe bets. Ukraine is through. Obviously. As easy a call as anyone could make. After that, I’d say you’re looking at Norway & Greece as the safest qualifiers.

Norway is likely nearing the top of the televote here and Greece probably doing the same with the juries. These are strong entries that will no doubt feature highly when it comes to the Saturday night. Already you’ve got a weird Contest final with wolves given bananas and a song called Die Together. We love an eclectic show.

Conversely, let’s deal with those that are very unlikely to make the cut. Croatia is an easy no for me, Guilty Pleasure just doesn’t stand up competitively. Iceland, Switzerland and Slovenia are likely to pick up some jury love but not enough to counter any televote struggle.

Although Monika Liu has become a fan favourite Sentimentai as a song is just too niche to pick up the points. Especially given how badly they’ve been shafted by the kinetic sun. Lastly, despite having been beating the drum for Denmark for months, I do see them repeating their 2021 result in finishing 11th in the semi. They’ll come close but sadly for me, not close enough.

I’m so sorry Reddi…

Taking all this into account that leaves eight countries vying it out for the remaining seven spots. Going in order of how high I think they’ll finish…

  • The staging for the Netherlands may be a tad underwhelming but the song and singer are just too strong not to make it.
  • Armenia have a very charming overall package with staging that will stand out on the night. Should be safe.
  • There’s a fair few chill female soloists in this semi but Maro is by some distance the strongest. Juries will go for Saudade, saudade in a big way.
  • There’s still questions surrounding the vocal mix on the night but I just think Halo is too big a banger to be overlooked. The Saturday night needs Austria.
  • Then there’s Latvia. The Citi Zeni boys have already gone viral and have charmed many with their energetic performances. This still ain’t for me, but I know it’s qualifying.

And that leaves us with Albania, Bulgaria & Moldova. I’ve got arguments for all three making it so narrowing down to two has been hella tricky. Based on song alone, picking the two is a much easier choice. However, both of those nations have had somewhat underwhelming stage shows in rehearsals.

This is, however, a song contest. So going off the songs my qualifiers are…











That’s my picks for the ten, some I’m more sure of than others. However, these are not only my predictions but also the ten I think would create the most entertaining show come Saturday night. One way or another, we’ll know soon enough.

Image credit: EBU / Nathan Reinds

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