OK. So as I write this it’s been nearly 24 hours since the last Super Saturday of the season and to be honest, I’m still trying to make sense of it all. Just when you think you have an idea of what goes down at Eurovision and the associated national finals, something comes along to surprise you. This year’s Eurovision Song Contest is going to be…eclectic. Predictions were made, how did they hold up?


Come on now, did you ever think Denmark were going to send Fuld Effekt to Eurovision? Denmark. Beautiful capital city, butter, bacon, lego and the safe choice at Eurovision. This is what they do. There did look to be a chance at one point, were it not for the massively weighted app vote. Nordic country? App vote? Huh. That sounds familiar. In the end, though they haven’t totally played it safe. Reddi’s The Show is part ballad, part soft pop-punk which was, in all fairness, my own preference. Delighted my prediction was wide of the mark as Reddi will bring a rare burst of energy to this year’s entry list.

Prediction: Confessions, Hallelujah


I went on record stating that if Daughters of Reykjavík win Songvakeppnin, they’re finishing top 5 in May. Based on Saturday night’s performance there’s nothing shifting me in this belief. The attitude and energy of the Daughters’ performance was spell-bounding. They do have strong competition from Katla who’s dark, dramatic Þaðan af would slot nicely in any Contest. However, adding all-female hip-hop to the aforementioned all-female pop-punk is precisely the vibe Eurovision 2022 is going to need.

Prediction (to qualify): Daughters of Reykjavík, Tökum af stað ✔️ & Markéta Irglová, Mögulegt


During Saturday’s Selecția Națională a brief montage was shown of their 2017 participants’ journey. A couple of minutes looking back at how Illinca & Alex Florea became the last Romanian act to make the Eurovision final. Imagine being told in 2017 this would be the last time Romania would make the final for years. One of the last 100% qualifiers was about to embark in the exact opposite direction. With their winner this year, Llámame from WRS, I fear they will meet the same fate. All their entries since Yodel It have been just fine, all perfectly competent but underwhelming. Llámame sticks to that traiditon. Something desperately needs to change at TVR.

Prediction: Dora Gaitanovici, Ana


“In terms of the win it seems to be a battle between Elliott’s La tempête and Soa’s Seule.”

Yup. I wrote that. They both got through to the final six though. That’s something, right?

How did they do in the jury vote? Last and second last. Cool prediction, bruh.

By the end of the night, I was cheering on Pauline Chagne as a proud member of #TeamSynthHarp. This was a beguiling wee number that would’ve continued the 80s inspired theme of last year, all the while remaining distinctly French. Sadly, twas not to be as Pauline was beaten into second place. Alvan and Ahez topped both jury and televote, thus taking the win with Fulenn.

I’ll be honest here. I don’t really get the appeal of this one, it’s just a tad too frenetic for me. But they have an energy and a stage presence otherwise lacking this year, so that is no bad thing.

Prediction: Elliott, La tempête


You had an act whose name roughly translates as “queer fado”. I love you Portugal, I really do but there’s no doubt you’ve messed up here. This is why can’t we have nice things!

Prediction (to qualify): Fado Bicha ❌, Aurea ✔️, FF ✔️, Maro ✔️ & Os Quatro e Meia ✔️


Well then. Of course I was going to save the weirdest till last. These were my exact words from my Saturday preview, “This should be a straight fight between your classic balkan ballad or a dark, sultry pop performance.” Yeah…good call mate.

In words of Petra Mede & Måns Zelmerlöw,

“Let it be about something everyone can connect to
Love works
Peace is also a popular way to go
Yes, peace is good”

Did Konstrakta go down either of these routes? Well, not quite. We now have a song focusing on the struggles of Serbian artists and their access to healthcare benefits, all the while querying how Meghan Markle has such healthy hair. It’s a real yeasty spread of a song.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all at Eurovision. Not even close.

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