Given next weekend sees a paltry three national finals reach their conclusion, tonight feels like the last Super Saturday proper for this year. How quickly has that come round by the way! Could swear PiN and MGP only started a couple of weeks back. Anyway, tonight’s septet includes four entry selections, two actual semi-finals and Sweden’s I Can’t Believe it’s not Andra Chansen. Right then, let’s get into it.


There was the usual criticism doled out to Denmark when the DMGP lineup was unveiled, but personally, I think it’s a wee tad unfair. Of the eight songs there’s three that I’d genuinely like to go to Eurovision. That’s a whole three more than was on offer in Germany last night. There’s no denying Fuld Effekt’s electric rave romp would be a fantastic addition to this year’s Contest. However, if we’re going on personal preference then it’s got to be The Show from Reddi. I enjoy the trad ballad opening on its own but when the all-female pop-rock anthem kicks in it’s one of the best songs of the season. However, I don’t think it will be either of those. Denmark will pick the third place of my three faves. It’s the safest option and y’know, it’s Denmark at Eurovision. It’s what they do.

Prediction: Confessions, Hallelujah. But it should be…


As I said earlier this week, if there’s no dino drummer then there’s no point. Humorous costumed stick-smiths aside E-an-na’s Malere was the pick of the bunch. The Romanian online vote bore that out as it gained three times as many votes as it’s closest competitor. It wouldn’t be Selecția Națională without some decidedly dodgy juries kicking about. It’s a 5/6 jury and 1/6 televote split tonight, because that same system worked sooooo well in 2019. There is, however, one act who was popular with both the online vote and juries so this should be the obvious choice…

Prediction: Dora Gaitanovici, Ana


It felt at one point like France had just forgotten this was happening. But like David Cameron’s kid in a pub, they eventually remembered it’s existence. It’s not quite hitting the same heights as last year but there’s still plenty of modern French bops to please the average Eurofan. In terms of the win it seems to be a battle between Elliott’s La tempête and Soa’s Seule. I’ve become quite enamoured with the latter over the last few weeks, so given my luck this year…they’re doomed. That, and the fact the former has the whole Goujon’s Tears thing going on, means this is probably a foregone conlclusion.

Prediction: Elliott, La tempête


We’ve already had two semis this week and after a glut of balkan ballads, sad blokes sitting at pianos and the occasional flash of unadulterated weirdness (Nurse Ratched anyone?) we’re ready for the final. I am calling this as another two-horse race, this time between Zorja with the song of the same name and Sara Jo’s Muškarčina. This would be a straight fight between your classic balkan ballad or a dark, sultry pop performance. What a great dilemma to have to choose between them. Either would make welcome additions in May. On the night though I think the traditional may just edge it.

Prediction: Zorja, Zorja


I have to admit I am still fully in an unhappy Haffi Haff huff after last week’s semi. One hopes he’s picked as the wildcard for the final. However, given the relative strength of the two heats that may be required tonight. Of the two semis I would say this is the much stronger with most of them making fitting finalists. In Markéta Irglová, there is a bona fide Oscar winner. Hard to bet against her doing well. There is, however, only one act worthy of succeeding the recent iconic Icelandic entrants. It has to be Daughters of Reykjavík. If the staging is an inventive as the song I’m calling it here, this has Eurovision top 5 potential.

Prediction (to qualify): Daughters of Reykjavík, Tökum af stað & Markéta Irglová, Mögulegt


It’s the return of the hipster’s choice with all the laid back jazzy numbers you could possibly ask for this side of the Iberian Peninsula. There’s not as much fado as one was hoping, apart from the act who are actually called Fado! Povo pequenio starts off in that typical mournful Portuguese fashion before launching into one of the jauntiest entries of the season. Think this is my winner of the whole competition. Would expect fan favourite Maro to make it through with Saudade, saudade as well as the beautiful Why courtesy of Aurea. FdC continues to be one of the most ecelctic national finals on our roster, we should treasure this underappreciated collection of delights.

Prediction (to qualify): Fado Bicha, Aurea, FF, Maro & Os Quatro e Meia

And with all that going on we’ve got Sweden as well, if you’re so inclined. After tonight we’ll be sat at 28 confirmed songs. Leaving one last push for the final 12 in the subsequent nine days before the deadline. Hold on folks, as of tonight we’re in for quite the ride.

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