After a couple of Super Saturdays back-to-back one may have hoped for a slightly more easy going evening. Well…no such luck. The world of rugby isn’t the only one enjoying a six nations as that’s how many finals we’ve got coming up tonight. Oh, and Melfest continues it’s relentless march as well. Screens at the ready team!


Alright, this has rumbled on long enough. Finally we’re going to find out who will win out in yet another Salvador Sobral classic of fireworks vs. feelings. Whilst Fly or Hammer of Thor would make decent winners this year’s final is likely a battle between Elise Bay’s gentle, tender ballad Death of Us or the fairytale themed dance track Give That Wolf a Banana, courtesy of Subwoolfer. I genuinely think either of these would be worthy winners but if I had to choose one, well…I just want to save Grandma.

PREDICTION: Subwoolfer – Give That Wolf a Banana


I’ll admit I only listened to the full entry list for the first time this week so my hype for Dora wasn’t strong. Then listening through the songs, honestly it didn’t get much better. The odd solid entry, occasionally muttering “this is OK, I suppose” under my breath. Hardly a ringing endorsement. After 13 of the 14 songs I was certain Croatia were doomed. Then I heard it, there it was. Yes, it may be an old fashioned ballad but it hits every element you’d expect and then some. Croatia would be very daft not to send…

PREDICTION: Mia Negovetić – Forgive Me (Oprosti)


If you were to stroll further north you’ll find Poland in a similar situation to Croatia. In all fairness there’s a little more quality to the Polish songs but there is once again, one stand out. I know just picking the songs that are the bookies favourites is hardly the most daring but like Mia in Croatia, Krystian Ochman is the obvious choice. A modern sounding ballad with a big emotional punch could well occupy a similar space at the Contest as Arcade. I’m not saying Poland are going to win but this would get them a fully deserved return to the final. Even if they just pick a singer who can sing that’d be a step up on last year.

PREDICTION: Krystian Ochman- River

Been a while since we’ve had a good River song.


As I’ve stated in previous posts I had somewhat neglected EMA over the past few weeks in favour of the outright finals and the showier selections. This has been a mistake as once again, Slovenia has produced another interesting selection of songs. If they stick to type then Luma’s All In is surely a contender given it’s basically a souped-up Sebi . However, I think this might be where we see the surprise of the night with an act full of attitude grabbing the attention and that ticket to Turin.

PREDICTION: July Jones – Girls Can Do Anything


After playing their ace card in Destiny last year, this year was always going to be a tricky one for Malta. Says a lot about Thursday’s semi-final that the cavalcade of capitalism that are the ad breaks was the most entertaining aspect of the evening. If the Eurofan community are to be believed then Aidan’s cowboy camp Ritmu is in prime place for victory. Given the fact that Malta have picked six female soloists in a row, however, I’m saying they’re sticking to form.

PREDICTION: Nicole Azzopardi  – Into the Fire


How, in the name of all that is Valentina Monetta, am I supposed to pick a winner here? We don’t actually know the majority of the songs, all we have to go on is name recognition and the emerging artists performances. I’m going to base my guess on the fact San Marino love a returning artist, but do I have any real idea? Well, I’ll just give that classic Sammarinese response…NO.

PREDICTION: Fabry & Labiuse feat. Miodio- Blu

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