Earlier in the week, I took a look over the first set of countries competing at next year’s Eurovision. Now, as we find ourselves six months out from semi-final 2, it’s time to look over the next group of hopefuls.


Take another risk. I know I Don’t Feel Hate didn’t work out but doing something totally different is the right way to go. And if you really find yourselves at a loss…WWBSD. What would Barbara Schรถneberger do!

My reaction to a significant portion of the 2021 voting…including Germany.


Greece used to bring the party. Aphrodisiac then Alcohol is Free then Rise Up was one hell of a run. Try to have a bit of fun with it for crying out loud! And before you ask, no. Dressing up a wee lass as a Quality Street and sticking her in front of a super dodgy green screen does not count as “fun”.


Close-knit bands with a strong, easily identifiable aesthetic. You’ve found what works, now just stick to it.

Very different in so many way, yet both so very wholesome.


I’m conflicted on this one. I loved both of Lesley’s songs and thought it was the staging killed her chances more than anything. I’m desperate for Ireland to make the grand final and get a proper result, their fans deserve it. However…with the return of a televised selection, all I can think of is those three magic words.

Odious. Little. Man.


Just make sure come May 14th Netta says “see you in *insert city here*” again. That way we definitely know where we won’t be going in 2023.

ITALY ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น

There are so many options for the artist. So many choices we’ve seen grace the Sanremo stage in recent years. Whatever they choose, it’ll be a touch of class. If ever there was a country set to do the double in the modern Contest this is the one that could do it.


Who in the Eurovision community wouldn’t be delighted with a wee bit of beaver?


After streamlining the national final in recent years, and focusing on quality over quantity, it feels like Lithuania are edging ever closer to a potential first win. Whilst last year was less a walkover, more an utter bulldozing from the Roop, we have seen them build in quality in the years prior. It’s a mad turn of events that their selection is one of the ones I’m looking forward to most.

MALTA ๐Ÿ‡ฒ๐Ÿ‡น

Bye-bye X Factor, welcome back MESC! Time for the Borgs, the Faniellos and the Callejas to dust themselves down for another swing at the big time. Come for the music, stay for the ads…


Be fun, be outrageous, be cheeky…make us smile. Folks on unicycles with cone hats, Transnistrians popping in and out of shed-like structures and actual real-life memes. Proper Moldova should’ve converted the DoReDos structure into a gingerbread house for Sugar. IT WAS RIGHT THERE!

You guys have done it before, you can do it again. I believe in Moldova.


Now that’s the fleet of luxury cars purchased why not incorporate them into the theme for the song. Maybe something akin to…


After a cancellation and then a Contest held in circumstances like no other, I’m sure the high ups in the Netherlands will be relieved all they have to do this year is send a song. A safe top 10 with some kind of Ilse de Lange involvement will do everybody just fine.


Whoever’s been doing your staging lately…KEEP HOLD OF THEM! Not only has the country seen a change in name it’s also finally found out how to stage a song. Sure Vasil didn’t make it to the final but if he’d received the Eye Cue treatment he’d have been dressed in some kind of baggy cardi doing the awful Jana Burceska dancing. An image we can all do without.


Keep doing what you’re doing. Yes, the current format of MGP is a bit odd. With all the heats there is some filler but in 2021 they had three or four entries capable of a decent result at the main Contest. Rein, Raylee, Rebecca, and many other artists whose names may or may not being with R. Or maybe…Rotan?


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