If the first semi final on Tuesday was one packed with high quality entries, creating one of the strongest semis we’ve ever seen, tonight is not that. Semi 2 brings with it a more varied and eclectic flavour. In contrast to that though you will actually see more of the potential winners tonight, than you did on Tuesday. So there is still lots to look forward to about tonight’s show.

1. Yes, That is the Actual Flo Rida

I still can’t quite believe I’m about to type this sentence but here goes. Flo Rida will be representing the micronation of San Marino at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. And you thought 2020 was weird, huh? Flo will feature as a guest rapper with the main act, Italian singer Senhit. Let me be quiet clear here, Senhit herself and the song Adrenalina are more than good enough to do well at the Contest on their own. However, Mr. Rida is that rapping American cherry on top of the cake. It’s a wild show opener that will well and truly put you in the mood.

2. That Tall Icelandic Fella is BackKind of

Remember that lad with the long blonde hair last year? He and his pals all had the matching green jumpers with their pixelated avatars on? They did that dance? They used it on Strictly? Aye, that’s him! Well he’s back with another fantastic song, this time about the decade he’s spent with his wife. His wife who features on stage with him as part of the group! The overall staging package from our nerdy Icelanders is cute, charming and incredibly entertaining. One addendum I should add here though is the fact the performance you’ll see is rehearsal footage as a member of the group has tested positive for Covid-19 and they subsequently cannot perform live. Sending all my very best wishes to them but rest assured their rehearsals are more than good enough for them to remain competitive.

3. Other Favourites for the Win

In this semi it’s not just Iceland who have come to play, we’ve also got two of the more emotional, introspective potential winners on show. Firstly, we’ve got Bulgaria’s Victoria who brings a delicate, vulnerable performance that will likely pull at the heartstrings of many. We’ve also got the Swiss contender, Gjon’s Tears. Gjon is just pronounced “John”, not “G-john” as in “chicken g-jon”. I don’t know who’d have thought that…

Anyway, this is the song that most closely resembles Arcade, the last Eurovision winner. However, this one has more dramatic and dynamic staging, it will no doubt find itself in with a chance of winning come Saturday.

4. The Low Energy Section

Tuesday saw a real battle of the bops with plenty of high energy tunes vying for a place in the final. However tonight, there’s a proper little run of songs that have gone in the exact opposite direction. Enjoy the aforementioned Iceland and the powerhouse pop divas from Serbia because straight after things slow down. An intense if a tad disinterested Georgian ballad, Albania which opens dramatically before quickly dropping off, some Portuguese jazz and the emotional Bulgarian entry all follow one after the other. Thank the Gods of Eurovision that Finland follows up next, with some nu-metal to liven up proceedings.

5. The 1980s

The show is closed with a delightful slice of joyful, energetic, camp eighties synth-pop that would make Moroder proud. It may not be the very best song but it may well be the most entertaining.

6. You Can Vote!

Due to the way the Eurovision system work we Brits can only vote in one of the two semi finals and tonight it’s our turn. Only 10 of the 17 acts you see tonight can progress so if any one particularly takes your fancy then pull out your phone and chuck ’em a couple of votes. It’s bay far and away the most important democratic process you’ll take part in in the month of May.

Good advice for Eurovision all round.

7. I Know This Was the First One but it Really is Worth Repeating…


The second Eurovision semi-final will be broadcast from 8pm tonight on BBC4.

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