Tomorrow the United Kingdom, along with the other Big 5 entries and our hosts, will take to the stage for their initial rehearsals. James will finally get his first experience of the Ahoy stage in Rotterdam after a long 12+ months. Regardless of what happens next Saturday he’s already done more than enough to make us proud, here’s why you should back our lad.

  1. He’s a man of his word. Last year James promised us that were he to return to the Contest in 2021 he’d come with a banger. After a fair few years of ballads it was a mouth-watering prospect for us to send a party anthem. So when Embers dropped it was an utter delight. James wanted people to have a boogie in their kitchens and let me tell you, I’ve found myself jigging mid-risotto more than once. James lad you’ve nailed the brief.

2. He’s down with the kids. Although it’s not universal, for many of us our first taste of the Contest is when we’re kids. At it’s heart Eurovision is a family show and the Eurofans of the future may well be tuning into their first Contest this very year. James appeared on kids show Saturday Mash-Up to promote Embers, it’s come a long way since Schofe and Gordon the Gopher in the broom cupboard! One hopes it can continue to bring a younger audience to the show.

3. His rabbits. No words, just GIF.

4. He’s a proper Yorkshire lad. Being a Scot I make no secret of the fact that every year I’m a tad disappointed we don’t get a Celt at the Contest. If I can’t have a Scot then someone from God’s own country is a very close second. One can only hope Newman will find himself a proper brew backstage. Or perhaps something a wee bit stronger eh?

Atta boy!

5. This answer.

6. He’s been putting in the hours. We haven’t had the traditional circuit of preview parties that would normally lead in to Eurovision but that hasn’t stopped James getting himself out there. He’s been putting appearances at all the online preview shows, even brining along Preston out off of Preston and Chantelle! He’s been engaging with the fans on social media, even teaming up with Ireland’s Lesley Roy for Instagram Lives. Hopefully, when we can all party together once again, James can perform for the fans and we can show him some love!

7. He’s gonna…


Eurovision semi finals will be on BBC4 on Tuesday 18th and Thursday 20th, the final will be on Saturday 22nd at 8pm on BBC1.

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