After months of speculation, a Fleur based flurry and time seemingly dragging on we now know that James Newman will represent the United Kingdom at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest. Seemingly going under the radar over the last few months the BBC has sprung into life with confirmation that Newman will join the raft of returning 2020 artists for this year’s Contest. James becomes the 25th act selected for 2020 to have their return confirmed.

It’s fair to say that sometimes the BBC can do things a little differently when it comes to Eurovision but with a March release date, they are very much on trend. Based on what James himself has said it would seem he’s going in a different direction to One Last Breath. Speaking to Radio 1’s Newsbeat he said “I wanted something people can dance to, even if it’s just in their kitchen”. Having seen how lovely his kitchen is last year I am fully on board with that. Most importantly I just want to thank James for reading the room! Less ballads and more fun is precisely what ESC 2021 needs!

Not the biggest but it sure is a lovely kitchen.

On a personal level it’s great to see James return to have a proper go at doing Euroivsion after last year. If we can’t have a Scot in ESC for the UK then a proper Yorkshire lad would be my next choice. With last year’s cancellation we didn’t get to know James the same way we normally do with the regular Contest build-up. Only in the final days of the “2020 season” did we realise quite how delightful both his kitchen and his rabbit were. Plenty more wholesome Newman content please BBC!

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