It’s fair to say that even by Eurovision standards the build up to the 2021 Contest has been somewhat unusual. Consequently, we have many more names confirmed off the back of internal selections than in previous years. Then there’s also the few national finals ploughing as they normally would (with or without their 2020 artist competing). However, there are still a handful of countries teasing us with their lack of news. What do I think they’re up to? Let me tell you…


As with last year Russia are holding out on us with a lack of information. All we know for sure so far is that Little Big were planning to submit an entry. Not “we’ll be back” and not even “we’ve submitted a song”, just “planning to”. That’s pretty much as non-committal as you can get. If they are going to return they need to bring back the plus size dancer and mystery resting bitch face lady. Maybe with the sequel to Uno, “Dos”? Or maybe go for another card game? A song called “Happy Families” all about trying to get Mrs Bun the Baker’s Wife into bed?


Another late bloomer last year was my own country. The BBC waited till February 27th (at least it wasn’t March, eh?) to reveal James Newman’s One Last Breath. At least last year we were sure of the BMG partnership, we don’t even have that confirmed for 2021! However, Twitter super sleuths have done some digging and found details for songs co-written by James and the previously rumoured Fleur East for the same production companies. It could be a total red herring or entirely unconnected to the Contest but such a partnership WOULD be an exciting development for the UK at Eurovision. Or y’know it could be drag queens off Ru Paul or Steps or Adele. Or they could choose someone Scottish? Nah…Adele’s more likely.


Another two broadcasters holding their (Uno or Happy Families) cards close to their chest are AMPTV & TVP from Armenia & Poland, respectively. Both countries held national finals in February 2020. Given we now find ourselves in the very same month one year on, it seems somewhat doubtful they’ll be doing the same again. Neither country has hit the heights recently, in both cases their last top ten finishes came in 2016. So perhaps there’s your answer? Armenia, bring back Iveta and Poland, bring back Michał…job done!

What Colo(u)r is Your Lovewave? Actually, that’s a bit personal.


Right then. Without wishing to go too far from the light-hearted, (hopefully) humourous tone of this blog Belarus must be addressed. As with the previously discussed nations we must firstly look to 2020 and the selected participant, VAL. The duo had been vocal in their support for the anti-government protesters which resulted in the state broadcaster, BTRC, severing ties and denying VAL their opportunity. With the government controlling the broadcaster the days of the silly livestream fun we used to enjoy are a thing of the past. We know they have “about half a hundred” (we’re not falling for that) entries to choose from. As odd as it is to say (or even type) the least upsetting answer is letting Stockport’s finest, Daz Sampson do it. What an odd world we live in.

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