After last week’s eight mutli-screen marathon (plus Aus Decides in the morning) this week has a far more manageable seven national finals broadcast at the same time. A piece of cake for your average Eurofan! So let’s have a wee look at what to expect from tonight’s action.


After weeks of heats it’s time for Norway to choose who’s going to claim the ultimate poisoned chalice, the act to follow Keiino. The five automatic finalists will be joined by the five heat winners to form a final that can kindly be described as variable. If they’re going to plump for the safe ballad to win those sweet, sweet jury points then Ulrikke’s Attention is the obvious choice. However, if they want to bring the same energy as last year and send something that could potentially capture the public’s imagination then they gotta make it Rein. Given we’re running a little thing on the ground for fun entries so far this year, ol’ firehand himself would stand out from the crowd in Rotterdam. Like Keiino, it would probably tank with juries but likely lap up the televotes. G’wan Norway, why not take the risk!

rein firehand


I think it’s fair to say that ‘Pabandom iš naujo!’ has been the surprise revelation of the 2020 season thus far. Considerably cutting down the run length has made this competition far easier to follow and subsequently many this year have been beguiled by Vilnius’ finest. Despite going out in the very first week Twosome’s Playa will go down as the ultimate earworm of the year.  A shame we lost it so soon. Of those left KaYra’s Alligator is the standout entry for me. Combining a catchy song, inventive staging and an incredibly charismatic performer, it would the ideal Contest entry to bring home a good result. Unfortunately it seems more likely they’ll be picking the three minute mental breakdown set to music that is The Roop’s On Fire.


12 songs, not a single one stands out. Armenia are in something of a slump at the moment with two drab entries on the trot, followed by this. Unless one of these lot has innovative staging, the likes of which we’ve never seen before Armenia are a sure fire NQ come May. If you have to jettison one stream tonight to give your bandwidth a bit of a breather, then I wouldn’t bother with Depi Evratesil.

Image result for ALAN PARTRIDGE GIF
Who’s going to win in Armenia?

THE HEATS 🇪🇪 🇮🇸 🇺🇦 🇸🇪

Speaking of a once great Eurovision nation reducing their national final to a bland sea of indifference, we have the second heat of Eesti Laul tonight. If Thursday’s semi was anything to go by the most entertaining thing to do watching this broadcast is count the number of bored audience shots used. Even the lads who have just been to Burger King…

My favourite shot from Thursday night’s show.

Tonight will also see the second semi final of Iceland’s Songvakeppnin. If Oculis Videre can come across well live tonight, Iva could be in with a shot of bringing ethereal realness to the Contest in May. Elsewhere, Ukraine’s Vidbir is likely to bring us something weird and interesting and Sweden’s Melfest almost cetrianly won’t. Seven streams spread across five and a half hours, pure bliss!

cat nf gif
Me, trying to keep up with all the action.

Then following all this tomorrow Poland’s Friend of a Friend will be attempting to qualify for the final of Szansa na Sukces. Then finally, we’ll get an idea of whether the French entry will sound as good as he looks. If so, we might as well all starting booking French hotels now! In 48 hours time we’ll finally have hit double digits for entries. Eurovision 2020 feels that little bit closer every week!

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