It may have been a bit of a slow burner at first, but now we’ve reached the end of January what Eurovision 2019 is going to look and sound like has become a little clearer. Before we go head first into the madness of February let’s take time to lament on what we know thus far.

If Europe picks correctly 2019 could be…eclectic. Whilst every national selection this year contains the customary bland options, (almost) every show includes at least one entry that’s a little more left field. If the continent chooses correctly we could have such diverse entries as Telemóveis, Hatrið mun sigra & Zero Gravity all competing for places in the Grand Final. Whilst I may not personally enjoy all these entries I cannot deny such a mixture of musical genres would be great for the Contest. Add this to the fact we’re already guaranteed a semi final containing both Finnish DJ Darude and San Marino’s adopted son Serhat (see below) and we know we’re in for a treat.


The 2019 season was full of returning artists. Then it wasn’t. But then it may be again. Everyone’s favourite Romanian space bar enthusiast M I H A I & the cause of 2018’s greatest national final meme, Ukraine’s Tayanna, were both originally returning to their national contests. That was until a few weeks ago, however, when both pulled out. MIHAI was reportedly displeased by the addition of wildcards to Selecția Națională and Tayanna was apparently of the belief the universe had a greater opportunity for her elsewhere. Fast forward to this Monday and a Twitter account allegedly behind Belarus’ national selection reported entries from both Romania & Ukraine had been received. We may not have seen the last of either of them for 2019. The same account also claims 2006 UK representative, Daz Sampson, has entered a song as well. We could be in for one hell of a Belarusian ride.  

giphy (2)
 The MIHAI/Tayanna approach.

You Decide will be held in Salford on February 8th. As for the songs, just read the thoughts of Mr. Roy D. Hacksaw over at OnEurope. There’s no way I can articulate the thoughts of us Brits better than he can.


Spain will not come last. In picking Miki’s La Venda the Spanish fandom finally have a quality upbeat song they can get behind. I’ll admit now that I didn’t quite understand the joy many felt when this was first selected. Sure, it was kinda catchy and far superior to any of their recent entries but I just couldn’t get the fuss. Only when it was played at Scotland’s first official Eurovision party, Ne Party Pas Sans Moi, and we all danced along that it finally clicked. If it gets drawn first half in Tel Aviv it would be a really strong party number to open the show. Also, if you’re Scotland based you should definitely be attending the next Ne Party Pas in April. Actually, even if you’re not you should still make the journey. It’ll be well worth it!

Just announcing the 12 is enough. Starting the (calendar) year with Destination Eurovision sets a very high bar for all subsequent national finals. High production values, strong acts and the incomparable Garou all come together to create a brilliant show. However, having jurors reading out their full points may well need revisited. Albania’s Rona Nishliu took what felt like an age to announce her full scores, even at one point extolling the virtues of her favourite number, eight. Having done the maths if you were to give the 42 spokespersons the same free reign in May we wouldn’t get the public vote until some time around early Tuesday morning.

rona nishliu
Look at how happy she is with an 8!

San Marino actually pulled off a smart PR move. If we’re truly honest with ourselves we don’t expect a lot form the microstate at Eurovision. The endorsements running up to their artist reveal meant the community as a whole was resigned to the fact the ‘human Ken doll’ Rodrigo Alves would be their singer come May. This only served to make the Serhat reveal all the more of a pleasant surprise. Unveiling Serhat would’ve no doubt caused a stir but coupling that with the relief of it not being Rodrigo…well played SM!

Ye ken that awfy handsome Serhat’s back? Aye, ah ken doll.

Finally, Moldova goes and does what Moldova does. Why wouldn’t you want a song about Moldovan wine in the Grand Final? (That is a rhetorical question, if you have an actual answer I will not care for it.) Following the great success of Hey Mamma and My Lucky Day, no more joyous a three minutes will you hear this season. Just listen.

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