Firstly, many congratulations to Netta and all the team from Israel on their victory last night. Given that last year the Israeli broadcaster shut down after Eurovision it’s wonderful to see a nation that we could’ve very easily lost from the Contest taking the win. Having not really had a proper ‘banger’ win since Loreen it’s great to see the ballads take a step to the side and allow a proper party number take top step. Not only is it a banger but it’s a banger that embodies a vital movement, a very worthy winner. One wonders what we were doing for a fortnight though, the favourite for a long time that we then disregarded in the last days went ahead to win it. It’s fair to say we don’t know what we’re talking about!

I had stated previously just how proud of SuRie I was and the multitude of reasons why we were all behind her. This all paled into comparison after last night. There are times and places for protest and this was most certainly not one of them. The Eurovision Song Contest should be safe for all but especially the performers, having seen this happen two years in a row serious lessons need to be learned. In good conscience the EBU should not consider last night to be a successful show when one of your performers could’ve very easily been attacked. It set me on edge from then on and couldn’t really enjoy the remainder of the evening, it was an imperfect end to a perfect fortnight. If I was shaken up I cannot begin understand how our girl was feeling. The fact that not only did she regain composure but she channelled the emotion into the message of the song was remarkable. It’s an incredibly moving moment and cements SuRie as the Queen of UK Eurovision.

One of the joyous things about last night’s show was that every single act did themselves proud. There were no duff performances, they all gave the very best of themselves. Regardless of any results they should all be content with the fact they all took to the stage to creates such a diverse Contest for the people of Europe. Someone like Jessica Mauboy had to take more than her fair share of criticism in the last few weeks but she absolutely nailed her performance and I sincerely hope she’s very proud of herself this morning. As this was my first full Contest live I will naturally have an affinity to this year’s crop but my heart swells with pride for my class of 2018.

I look forward to coming home now and re-watching the shows to hear how Rylan got on. I can start pouring over the numbers, figuring out the voting splits across all three nights. There will be two more posts coming in the next week before winding up for the year. I’ll share my favourite moments from the last two weeks from in and around the Eurovision Bubble as well as my thoughts about Lisbon & Portugal. Last post from our host city, I’ll speak to you from Edinburgh soon.

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