Good morning Europe! and hello Australia! (I can’t figure out what time it is there, I’m very tired).

From thousands of entries across the national final season we managed to whittle them down to 43. 17 have fallen this week and now we are left with 26 to battle it out in an attempt to win the crystal microphone. Whilst we all knew the show last night wasn’t to the same standard as semi one it was arguably more entertaining. I managed a decent job predictions wise with another 8/10 score. Couldn’t see Poland not making it and frankly I thought Serbia was a no hoper. I’ll hit 10/10 one day! Before looking ahead to the final we must spare a thought for some of our unsuccessful entries from last night.

It’s very unfortunate to lose Malta based on last night’s performance. Song alone wouldn’t have made it through in my opinion but when looking at it as a package with the stage show it deserved a place. Thankfully, we have now said goodbye to a number of 100% qualification records. Much like the 5:5 minimum ratio falling on Tuesday we will no longer have to consider Russia, Romania & Poland automatic qualifiers. I do feel for the Romanian entry but it’s refreshing that countries won’t just qualify regardless of their quality of entry. Well, I can think of five exceptions.

On a personal note I am massively relieved that my own three big favourites made it though on the night. Hearing Moldova & Hungary being called so early was a massive relief. Had to wait a little longer for Denmark to make it through but got there in the end. Last night we were in the arena next to the green room and the Danes were loving life. Between songs they’d come down and high five the crowd, take selfies and generally soak up the adoration. Respectfully though as soon as song was performing they’d stop and tell the crowd to watch the artists. Very respectful vikings. Jess was kneeling down to take pics with fans, she also seemed to very much appreciate the richly deserved love of the crowd. Seeing the Russian delegation dance along to We Got Love was another very sweet moment too. People united from across the world by music, that is Eurovision.

If you can’t get near the front the green room is the place to be. 

As per tradition we got our running order overnight, actually to be fair they had it published by 1am, very impressive turnaround for Christer. Also greatly impressive is the order itself. Given the way the slow first half / banger second half was drawn he’s done a great job in making an entertaining show. I am so incredibly pleased one of the very first shots of the competition will be Melovin rising from his crypt, what an opener! I still think the competition is wide open but on running order alone we’re in for a France / Cyprus head-to-head. Fuego is an understandable favourite but may come a little too late when the voters at home have already picked their favourite. Given the fact we now know the crowd join with Madame Monsieur’s arm gesture and we know it looks stunning I’m leaning ever more towards France. Either that or Sweden ends up getting everyone’s seven points and we all head back North again. I’d be upset if such a bland song won but instantly consoled by the fact we’d get Petra Mede. That’s the dream!

At least a Sweden victory would mean more of this.

So there we have it. We have our 26, we know in what order they will sing and in less than 48 hours time we’ll have our winner. Sadly, whoever wins it won’t be these little chaps. They’ll always have a special place in my heart.

I’m bringing a sign next year with “Justice for Robots!” on it.


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