So I’m writing this approximately ten minutes after the end of the show. And what a show it was. I was in the arena for all the songs and the live vocals were amazing. Mostly. Admittedly it wasn’t great being in the arena when you couldn’t see past the massive bank of photographers and you had to queue 45 minutes for a beer. Stern letter to the EBU on the fan experience.

I somehow managed to slutdrop during Cyprus too. I didn’t know I could still do that!


We then ran straight back to the press centre from the main hall for the results. It took a long time for all the adrenaline and alcohol to stop coursing through my veins but thankfully the Portuguese attempts at comedy managed to harsh that buzz to an efficient standard. That, however, did last for long. At just after 10pm the adrenaline kicked in once again and the nauseous energy returned as the hosts took to the podium to announce our ten qualifiers for the Grand Final. Now when you compare the results to the predictions I somehow managed to hit 8/10.

ALBANIA – 🇦🇱 ALBANIA – 🇦🇱 ✔️
ISRAEL – 🇮🇱 ISRAEL – 🇮🇱 ✔️
ESTONIA – 🇪🇪 ESTONIA – 🇪🇪 ✔️
AUSTRIA – 🇦🇹 AUSTRIA – 🇦🇹 ✔️
FINLAND – 🇫🇮 FINLAND – 🇫🇮 ✔️
CYPRUS – 🇨🇾 CYPRUS – 🇨🇾 ✔️

In terms of a prediction I am genuinely amazed I managed to hit as high a mark as 80%. I’ve made my feelings very clear on Switzerland in the past. My notes during the jury final stated ‘heart says yes, head says no’. I should have known, when was the last time listening to my heart did me any good. Though I would say that overall I’m very pleased with the result. Of the ten qualifiers Estonia was the most pleasing. I have loved that song from the very first listen, Elina has been a delight throughout and I really want to go to Tallinn. Hopefully that’ll make up for last year for the Eestis

…Author waits for top half, bottom half draw to occur…

…Long wait…

…Draw happens…

The main take away from the draw is that Cyprus, Israel & Czech Republi all remain in contention having drawn in the second half. Saara Aalto drew second half too. Second as always. Lithuania being drawn in the of half will bury it with all the other ballad and rule out any possibility of winning. It’s still gonna be a slow ol’ first half.

So now our high quality blood bath has concluded our attention moves to the ‘eclectic’ second semi final to get our final 26.

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