Apologies for the lack of update yesterday, it feels like we’re in a slight lull period before everything seriously starts to ramp up. Yesterday started with doing my laundry. I know, it really is all glamour here at the Eurovision Song Contest.

It’s all go at Eurovision.

Later that day saw the ‘blue carpet’ opening event on the coast. Blue because of the nautical theme…the sea is blue, so is the carpet. Get it? Good. A beautiful view could be had behind us with plenty of boats in the background. Furthering the nautical theme nicely. However, we were standing around for a very long time in near enough 30ºC heat which sadly took it’s toll. Only 4 of the 43 artists managed to make it down the carpet before I had to bail. Listen up, I’m Scottish! We can’t deal with this heat. Anything above 15ºC and naturally I’ll start to melt. Sadly heat stroke took effect and I had to return to the hotel for the day. At least I got four nice pictures.

Worth it. Totally.

Not only were we treated to the opening ceremony but the ‘Big 5’ also drew which half of the running order they would find themselves in for the Grand Final. Basically if you weren’t Italy, you didn’t have a great morning. France, Spain, Germany & UK all found themselves being drawn in the first half of the show. They will no doubt make it very ballad heavy especially when you consider you’ve also got Portugal in eighth place. As Italy were last drawn it did feel for a time that no matter what, everyone was going to end up running in the first half.


We’ve just been lucky enough to witness the first dress rehearsal here in the press room. The script has what can only be described as ‘attempts’ at humour, most of which sink without a trace. Again, very apt for the nautical theme. The postcards are a mixed bunch. Surie picking tea makes perfect sense, Saara Aalto playing golf… no, me neither. The graphics out of the postcards and into the songs are very impressive though. Seeing animated coral form the country’s flag colours is very pleasing. It’s not quite to the level of Crystal Hall but it’s still nice flag work.

What a beaut!

Coming up tomorrow I’ll share the things to look out for in the first semi final and also my predictions for the qualifiers. Tomorrow is going to be such a lottery you might as well just throw 10 darts at some flags and see what happens. But I am going to nail my colours to the mast and attempt predicting who’ll go through. Because why not set yourself up for a fall!

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