Today is a very special day for the Eurovision fandom. As we fast approach this year’s Grand Final we’re also nearing the anniversary of the best interval act of last year (sorry, Timberlake) and arguably the greatest interval act of all time (sorry, Riverdance). It’s nearly a year since we were treated to the Edward af Sillen penned hammer tune ‘Love Love Peace Peace’ performed wonderfully by last year’s hosts Måns Zelmerlow & Petra Mede. After nearly a year, today is the day the song has been released and is available for purchase. Merry Love Love Peace Peace day to you all!

It was presented as a helpful guide to what you should include to create the perfect Eurovision winner, a song that couldn’t fail to win the world’s biggest music competition. The song united perfectly so many Eurovision cliches: costume changes, key changes, pyro, drummers and ethnic instruments. Additionally it makes reference to a number of specific Eurovision entries of the past. However, not all these references were actual winners. So if you were indeed going to average out LLPP where would you end up finishing?

NORWAY 2009 – 1st

giphy (14)

“In Eurovision nothing says winner like a violin. Trust us, bring a violin”. Because we can never get enough Rybak!

RUSSIA 2008 – 1st

giphy (7)

“Something the audience will notice”

SWEDEN 1999 – 1st

giphy (8)

I’ve been taken to my heaven.

RUSSIA – 2009 – 2nd

giphy (10)

Fun fact: The middle woman is Sarah Dawn Finer’s (Lynda Woodruff) Mum.

UKRAINE – 2014 – 6th

giphy (9)

And a man in a hamster wheel.

AUSTRIA – 2016 – 26th

giphy (15)

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Not for any safety reasons, because it got nul points.

RUSSIA 2008 – 1st

giphy (11)

We’ve already had this one!

POLAND – 2014 – 14th

giphy (16).gif

A UK televoter’s dream!

FINLAND – 2006 – 1st

giphy (17).gif


SWEDEN – 2012 – 1st

giphy (12)

Not actual Loreen!

So when you average out all the finishing positions of the specific references made during Love Love Peace Peace you’d end up placing 5th. So really the final line should read “And you will be the best, and come fifth at the Eurovision Song Contest”. Who doesn’t love pedantry, eh?

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